About Cleany™

The mission of Cleany™ is to change lives by decluttering and cleaning people’s spaces, allowing them to chase their dreams with clear minds. We are at the forefront of technology in the residential cleaning industry, staffing each job with in-house employees. Every crew is highly trained, insured, and bonded, and the equipment and supplies used are state-of-the-art.

Our proven business model allows for a reasonable initial investment, as franchisees can easily operate out of their home. This flexible and scalable concept has the potential to be highly profitable. Our operating prototype in Vancouver, combined with the management team’s time in the industry, has given the leadership of Cleany™ a strong understanding of the market. 

Our dedication and understanding of sales

Our dedication and understanding of sales and marketing will provide franchisees with the ability to generate sales quickly and build profitable businesses in a shorter time period. We provide a strong return on investment with such low start-up costs and low overhead. The potential to expand is high as well since the business is made to be automated and easy to manage due to our streamlined systems and the number of services offered. 

How Our Squeaky Cleany Story Started

Cleany™ is led by Olga Gyozumyan. Based on her extensive time and experience in the industry, she realized that there was a need for a more functional, streamlined, and simpler solution for customers seeking cleaning services. So she created a system that focuses on attracting new customers, managing cleaning crews, and doing a job properly the first time.

Today there is still ample room in the existing marketplace for substantial improvement in professionalism, efficiencies and profitability in the business. That’s why we’re ready to share our successful model with passionate entrepreneurs who want to be their own boss but with our revolutionary concept! 

Cleany™ has built and is advancing a revolutionary app that will merge cleaning and technology.

Similar to other ride-share or delivery apps

It will allow customers to request cleaning service when and where they want it, with the closest cleaner being able to immediately respond to their request. Our built-in bonus system means that both cleaners and clients alike can earn Cleany™  Dollars, redeemable points that can be used toward future services for clients or monthly cash back for cleaners!